Eric Tieche


Eric Tieche is one of the Owners of Utopia Property Improvement. Eric has a record of being a top achiever ever since entering in to business back in 2017, when he enjoyed a lot of success as a door to door sales representative for a major home improvement company. From there he moved on to working for Bell’s Neighbourhood Marketing Team, where it didn’t take him long to become one of the top agents in the province of Ontario. Eric is very hardworking and customer oriented, his number one priority has been to create a positive customer experience for his clients. He believes this has been a big contributor to his success so far. If you like the idea of a company that values customer service above all else, Eric is exactly the type of person you want in charge!

Christopher Mueller


Christopher Mueller is the second Owner of Utopia Property Improvement. Chris is a down to earth guy who makes sure the customer experience and customer satisfaction come first.  He is a project manager with over 15 years work experience covering a majority of the trades. He has also attended Durham College in 2018. Chris sets out to accomplish every task to perfection. With his vast experience in many different areas, as well as great team leadership skills he sets out to ensure each task is completed to the high standard we set to achieve here at Utopia Property Improvement. He is the exact type of person you want in charge of your home improvement needs!

Donald MacLeod

Vice President of Business Development

Donald MacLeod is our Vice President of Business Development, with experience in business dating back to 2016. This includes him working with, and helping many companies, including Bell Canada’s Neighbourhood Marketing Team, where he was able to thrive in being one of the top agents in the province of Ontario. His friendly, enthusiastic, and customer first approach has guided him to each and every one of his success throughout his career. Donald is most definitely an extrovert, and most would classify him as the life of any event, but when it comes down to it, his motivation, and passion for continued growth keeps him focused. If you’re looking for someone who will not only get the job done, but put your best interests ahead of everything, he’s your guy!